Anthony O’Connor “Fighting makes me feel alive. I cant wait to mix it up at Cage Warriors”

Combat Vision MMA were lucky enough to speak to Next Generation MMA fighter Anthony O’Connor as he prepares to make his Cage Warriors debut against Craig Bale in June. This will be Anthony’s third professional MMA fight and his record stands at (1-1)

Combat Vision MMA asked Anthony about his thoughts on the fight being announced and making his Cage Warriors debut.

“I am over the moon to be fighting on Cage Warriors. It is such a big stage, I have not been out the gym since my last fight and I can’t wait to step back in the octagon”

Anthony was asked about his opponent Craig Bale, in particular has he seen anything in Craig’s previous performances that he would be looking to exploit.

“First off all, I wanna thank Craig Bale for taking the fight. I have looked at his fighting style and he is most definitely a boxer. I know, I can expose him at all aspects of the fight game”

Anthony was asked about the training camp for his upcoming fight.

“Training has been amazing. I am learning all the time and I have not left anything out of my fighting style. My strategy for the fight will be to mix it up”

For Anthony fighting his third professional fight on a huge promotional show. How will this experience set up his professional career, especially seeing the setup Cage Warriors can provide.

“I can’t wait. There is no bigger stage than Cage Warriors. I live for the crowd. There is no better feeling than winning. Fighting makes me feel alive”

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