Callum MacDonald “This is a violent game of chess and there can only be one winner”

Combat Vision MMA were lucky enough to speak to bantamweight fighter Callum MacDonald as he prepares for his fourth amateur title fight in the at UK Fighting Championship 4 fighting Callum McVay. After UK Fighting Championship 4, Callum will be heading into his fifth title fight at Budo 22 in Wales against Ryan Morgan. Callum is the bantamweight champion for Almighty Fighting Championship, Golden Ticket Promotions and FightStar Championship.

Callum gave Combat Vision MMA a unique insight on how he views his fighting style.

“My fighting style is kill or get killed. I feel equally comfortable standing or on the ground. I address all areas, so nothing feels foreign in the cage. I remember from being such a young age, I have always had a talent for fighting, when I came across confrontation in the street, I never came unstuck. I’m glad to be able to say, I’m a champion in the toughest combat sport in the world”

Callum reflected on the importance on finding the right gym for his amateur career.

“A lot of my amateur career I fought independent and never actually represented a proper gym. This was a case of area change and there not being a fully based MMA gym to close. However, I have trained at various gyms to gain all the right training in every area needed. I’m now looking at fighting out a gym that is highly regarded full time, this will give me a massive step in the best direction”

Callum spoke about how the past twelve months have been tough on his fighting career.

I recently made the move from featherweight to bantamweight. With every fight at bantamweight I secured a British title. The proof is in the pudding and it was a good decision for me. I went through a tough time last year, losing someone very close to me to unimaginable circumstances. At this time, I took a few losses at featherweight, but didn’t want to stop competing. In hindsight looking back, I should never have took those fights. But, fighting was my only release, it has been just over 12 months to the date and whilst battling with grief, depression and all other emotions I’ve done enough to cement my place as one of the best up and coming bantamweights in the uk and with these circumstances I feel bulletproof”

Combat Vision MMA asked Callum if he considers his ground game to be his best weapon inside the cage as he has five submissions to his amateur record.

“In this game there is always room for improvement as for generally in life.  learn something new every day and put it in my stack of arsenals. It’s not all about your fighting style, you have to be charismatic out of the cage, make yourself likeable and entertain people. I am a full product, not just a fighter and that’s what is needed to get noticed here. There are Thousands of fighters about so is important you stand out”

Callum gave Combat Vision MMA an insight into his training mindset.

“My camp is going probably the best yet and I’m mostly always mentally ready for war. Growing up in Oldham, it’s an attribute your born with. I have had back to back training camps since my debut 15 months ago, this will be my 11th fight so do the math, that’s near one a month. I’m on a one way road with various side tracks, but I honestly believe I’ll get to the top of the road, if I just keep grinding, believing and winning”

Combat Vision asked Callum if he has seen anything in his UKFC 4 opponent Callum McVay’s fighting style that he would be looking to exploit come fight night.

“I don’t go down the road of looking to far into everyone’s fighting style. I just come to fight and I rely on what I can do and not what they can’t do, this is just a violent game of chess there can only be one winner”

“Every fight hasn’t gone out of the first round, I love to strike or grapple. I have never really had a chance to showcase my striking, but I believe I have got so much more to offer and hopefully it will show on the 10th June. I have had one TKO on my debut and I’d love another before my amateur career is over. I know I hold great power at this weight, it just seems every opponent feels it, panics, shoots so I have to submit them”

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