Rob Sinclair “Confident, Cocky and looking for the finish”

Combat Vision MMA were lucky enough to speak to Rob “C4” Sinclair after it was confirmed he would be fighting Paul “Redser” Redmond at BAMMA 30 in Dublin. Rob has fought five times under the promotional banner and has won them all. Rob was also the BAMMA world lightweight champion.

Combat Vision MMA asked Rob about his thoughts on the fight being announced.

 “I retired in September on the back of a close decision loss. At that time, I felt I made the right decision, with outside personal battles to deal with and a lot of demons to face. I feel, I faced them head on and came out the other side a stronger more confident person. When I got the offer to fight in Dublin against Paul Redmond, I jumped at it”

Rob has been victorious in every BAMMA fight he has fought with the promotion. How confident is he to beat Paul Redmond on his home turf?

“I don’t care where the fight is. It’s just me and him in there, no-one else and I’m super confident in my own ability. I will approach the fight I always do and go for the knockout”

Rob was asked if there was anything in Paul Redmond’s last performance against Norman Parke that he will be looking to exploit come fight night?

“Paul Redmond had a great fight and I personally thought he won it. He is very fit and does not quit. He is not a big guy and has previously made featherweight, which I know for the right money, I could make. This fight will be interesting”

Tactically how will you approach the fight with Paul Redmond?

Confident, cocky and looking for the finish”

Watch Rob Sinclair knockout Michael Brightmon at BAMMA 21

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