Luke Barnatt “I feel ACB can bring the best fights available to the table for me”

Combat Vision MMA were lucky enough to speak to Luke “The Big Slow” Barnatt after he signed a multi fight deal with Absolute Championship Berkut. The signing of the deal will see Luke Barnatt move up in weight to light heavyweight. Luke is the 2nd highest ranked middleweight in the UK and has held belts with multiple promotions.

Combat Vision MMA asked Luke his thoughts on the deal being signed?

“As I said in my statement. I’m very happy to be signing with ACB, because I feel, they can bring the best fights available to the table for me. I just want to continue to compete and win against top opposition. I have been working with ACB for over a year now as a commentator and I have had one fight with the promotion, it was the obvious move to make”

Luke was asked how happy he was to be continuing his professional career with ACB?

“I think ACB has still got a lot of potential for growth within the MMA world. They really are doing some amazing things and backed by very passionate people, so I am glad to be a part of it. ACB have just announced their 2017 schedule with fights in Japan, Australia and every other corner of the earth. They’re ambitious and want to go everywhere. I feel I can do big things with them”

Combat Vision MMA asked Luke how fired up was he to correct the loss against Khalidov in his next fight?

“Losing to Khalidov was just one of those things. Everything can’t go your way all the time, I’m not happy about losing. But, Khalidov is a great fighter and I was ready to go to war with him. The result doesn’t bother me, I just feel bad for the fans, that it was very short. I wanted to give him a good beating! But, I just move on to the next opponent and try my best to get back in the win column. Each fight is different and poses different challenges, beating the next guy will never make me feel better about that lose to Mamed, that is why this sport is so devastating. You get only one chance and if you mess it up, it lives with you forever, there is no do overs. Even a rematch it’s just not the same”

Luke was asked about the move to light heavyweight, if he has an eye on a future opponent and when does he hope to be back in the cage?

“If I’m honest, I’m more looking forward to the challenge of a new weight class than a specific person. There is a lot of work, I need to do, to make myself a real threat at light heavyweight.  You can’t change weight over night, I will be working hard to progress. But, I think it is the best decision for my health and future. I believe, once I have felt out the weight class, I will be 10x the fighter I was at middleweight.

“I’m looking to fight ASAP. The next ACB card that makes sense for me, is the next UK card which is July 1st in Newcastle. I have always loved it up there and have some great memories. I am looking forward to adding another one if ACB have me there”

Luke Barnatt knocks out Cristian Mitrea at RXF 25: MMA Allstars 3

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