Kent Kauppinen “Ready to become a dual Raged UK champion”

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Combat Vision MMA were lucky enough to speak to Dragons Lair MMA fighter and current Raged UK heavyweight champion Kent Kauppinen after it was confirmed that he would be challenging for the Raged UK light heavyweight belt against Brad Raiden at Raged UK 6 on Saturday 27th May 2017.

Should Kent win he will become a dual Raged UK champion and heads into Raged UK 6 on a four-fight win streak all by way of knockout.

Combat Vision MMA asked Kent for his thoughts on the fight being announced and if the change of opponent would affect him tactically with the fight being eleven days out.

“I am just happy to be fighting on the show and for another title. It would be amazing to hold two titles. The change of opponent won’t affect me to be honest, as the game plan is to fight. You can’t say stay standing because you may get taken down, so let’s fight if and it feels right I will slip and take him down”

Kent was asked how much he knows about his opponent and was there a reason for the change in weight from heavyweight to light heavyweight.

“To be honest I don’t know a lot about him, I have heard he has had lots of fights. But, I haven’t had a chance to research him as I have been busy with myself. There is no reason for the weight change, I just I feel more comfortable at that weight”

Combat Vision MMA asked Kent about his four knockouts and if he predicted a knockout for Raged UK 6.

“It says every knockout I landed was lucky enough it landed and not missed. No prediction, a fight is a fight, he could knock me out or submit me. I won’t ever predict a fight because there’s no need to”

Kent commented that if he does win the light heavyweight belt that he would happily defend both belts in one night

“Imagine if I win and then defend both titles in one night. It’s never been done before and I am stupid enough to do it. But, I have to win the belt first”

Watch Kent Kauppinen knockout Krystian Gowik at Raged UK 5

For more information about Raged UK MMA and their May event please connect to their Facebook HERE

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