Dean Garnett “I am one of the top fighters in the world; I will prove this to myself and ACB”

Combat Vision MMA were lucky enough to speak to Dean Garnett after it was revealed today that Dean has signed a multi-fight deal with Absolute Championship Berkut. Dean exploded onto the ACB scene after knocking out Michael Tobin in the second round at ACB 54: Supersonic in March 2017.

Combat Vision MMA asked Dean about his thoughts on signing the deal with ACB.

“I think ACB are an ambitious promotion, so the signing made complete sense. The sport is increasingly being made a circus by certain promotions, whereas ACB are trying to build real divisions based on fighting ability. You won’t see any reality TV stars on their roster. Less Show More Fight, I couldn’t agree more with ACB on that one”

With the signing of a multi-fight deal. Combat Vision MMA asked Dean how happy he was to be continuing his professional career with one of Europe’s biggest promotions?

“As I said before, I see them as the biggest promotion in Europe in terms of viewings. Their spending on fighter wages and the depth in their divisions. I genuinely see them as one of top few promotions in the world”

Dean was asked if there was a particular fighter in the bantamweight division that he is looking at for his next fight with the promotion?

“We’re already talking about a huge name in the MMA world, one of the most experienced veterans in the game. Hopefully, we get that signed as soon as possible. I believe, I’m one of the top fighters in the world. I need to beat the best, to prove this to myself and ACB can get me the level of opponent, I need at this stage in my career”

Click here to watch Dean Garnett’s ACB debut fight

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