Marko Kovacevic “I know how to handle Nathaniel Wood”

Combat Vision MMA were lucky enough to speak to Fight Move Academy fighter Marko Kovacevic as he prepares for his bantamweight title fight against Nathaniel “The Prospect” Wood at Cage Warriors 84.

Combat Vision MMA asked Marko about his Cage Warriors debut and if this opportunity is perfectly timed for his professional career.

“I think this fight comes for me at the perfect time in my career. With my record, a win like this one could possibly give me an opportunity to sign with the UFC. Getting to Cage Warriors is for me a big meaning in my career. This organisation is well known, I have been following them for a couple of years. It is a little bit like you are looking for something, but you don’t really believe that you could reach it and finally you’re there. Ivan Musardo who is a Swiss fighter was a champion for the promotion. The other thing is, in Switzerland,  we don’t really have a structure in MMA, so Cage Warriors could provide me with this. If I win, I sign a 3 fight contract for defending the belt. A career plan for me, is more important than money. Because, I could know in advance my fight schedules and prepare myself the best I can”

Combat Vision MMA asked Marko about his opponent and if he has seen anything in his fighting style that he would be looking to exploit come fight night.

“Nathaniel is a good striker he’s known for his powerful kicks. However, I have been training in kickboxing since 2005 and I have had many fights in striking sports, like thai-boxing and kickboxing. So I know how to handle this kind of fighting style”

“My fighting style is pretty aggressive. But, not in a stupid way, I like to push myself during the whole fight, making action. I don’t like to wait as time passes and trying to win on points”

Combat Vision MMA noted that Marko has won six professional fights by way of submission.  Would he say his ground game will be his biggest weapon heading into the Cage Warriors 84?

“I have bigger experience in stand up. I wouldn’t say my ground game is my biggest threat, it’s just that I don’t like to “waste” my stand up, if I don’t feel the need to. My last 2 fights were against 2 good grapplers, so I stood up with them and I knocked them out both”

Marko has been involved in a title fight before at HIT Fighting Championship 3. Combat Vision MMA asked him how he would mentally prepare for not only his promotional debut but his second professional title fight.

“Mentally I will prepare myself like I always do, I don’t put too much pressure on myself. Like oh I really have to win this, because it is so important. I like to enjoy the journey, train, fight and take opportunities as they come. One day the results of all the hard work will show. At the end of the day, it’s just a sport and if business comes before your pleasure in the sport, then I don’t see the point”

Click here to watch Marko Kovacevic submit Arnaud Calcus in the first round at Lions FC 6: The Return

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