Joe McColgan “I want the True Viking; Soren Bak next”

Combat Vision MMA were lucky enough to speak to Joe “The SBG Hunter” McColgan yesterday evening. Joe is fresh off a submission victory against Richard Williams at Cage Warriors 83 on Saturday night.

Combat Vision MMA asked Joe why he wanted to fight Soren Bak. Did he see anything in Soren Bak’s performances, especially against Scott Clist, that could be exploited if the fight happened.

“I want him next because he is a good test for me at this stage in my career. He has an 8-1 record, his style is very dangerous and a win over him could put me into title contention. Its also a really good opportunity to show everyone, just how difficult it is to take me down and break my style”

“I watched Soren fight on the main card of Cage Warriors 83 against a dangerous striker in Scott Clist and I was impressed with how he took him down controlled him on the ground.  I don’t think he would be able to get me down, not even once. If we fought, I’d make him fight the entire fight on my terms”

“I’m happy with my performance on Saturday. I corrected the mistakes I made during the last weight cut and I feel that made a huge difference to my performance.  I had more energy, I was relaxed and enjoyed the whole experience. I proved to everyone, including myself, that I can have a good performance at lightweight”

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