Reece McEwan: “Fighting and Martial Arts is just a massive learning jigsaw”

                  Image: First Fighting Championship

Combat Vision MMA were lucky enough to speak to The Griphouse fighter Reece McEwan after it was revealed he would be fighting for the On Top promotions amateur bantamweight belt against Living I Dublin fighter Mikey McCoy. Reece was scheduled to face Zoran Milic, however he withdrew because of a broken hand.

Combat Vision MMA asked Reece about the fight being announced, his training techniques, fighting for his first amateur belt and how he deals with changes of opponent/pull-outs.

“I am just really happy that I’m still fighting on the On Top show. I love fighting, especially on the On Top shows because of how well run they are. When I heard my original opponent pulled out I was gutted, I thought with it being 4 weeks out it might be hard to find a replacement, so the fact I was able to still stay on the show was the main thing at first”

“When Dean said it would be for the amateur title it was exciting. I have been matched to fight for amateur titles before and it just adds an extra piece of visualisation for me when I think about the fight. Winning it just means, I’ll be able to fight better and more experienced opponents and I will have a target on my back in the amateur scene, so that’s kind of cool. But, the overall picture is that it’s another fight, it’s an opportunity for me to go out there in front of hundreds of people and perform. To show everyone how good I am and represent the work of myself, my coaches and teammates”

“I always say I never really focus on my opponent and I don’t because the only thing I can control is my own game. But, I’m obsessed & think about the fight everyday, it’s hard not to think and visualise the face of the person you’re about to be fighting. The face this time is an Irish opponent with a record of 4-2 in MMA, 2-0 K1 and a white belt in Jiu Jitsu. On paper, he has more fight experience and is from Ireland so again it will be a good fight for me. Myself and my coaches have done our research and we know how to neutralise his strengths & use our strengths against his, so it should be fun”

“It’s natural for people to pull out of fights. I just always focus on improving my own skill set and because of that approach I’ll always be able to adapt to whatever opponent I face. If it is a grappler or a striker, it doesn’t matter I’ll be ready. My opponent that pulled out there was a striker, but I was still getting pressure grappling rounds, because we don’t just train for one fight, we’re training to get better long term, for the future. If I have an opponent, I will look at some tendencies and habits they do and ways to shut down their style, by doing that, it helps me anytime I come across a similar style”

“I was matched to fight for the BCMMA amateur title back in February against a fighter who loved attacking d’arce chokes and we used that as a chance to get better at defending those kinds of chokes. I actually study myself, more than any opponent, by watching my own fights, or any Jiu Jitsu matches or videos of me training. I feel studying yourself to see gaps in your own game is one of the best free resources. Doing this, helps me understand my own habits, strengths and weaknesses. If there’s a weakness in one of my fights, chances are, that’s now become a strength, so have fun exploiting that!”

“I got swept in my 2nd fight and although I eventually finished my opponent, I was in the back straight after drilling reps of holding positions and attacking submissions. Fighting and Martial Arts is just a massive learning jigsaw that comes together bit by bit each day, week or fight camp”

“Saturday 27th May at the ON-X, Linwood. Come watch me and my team have fun!”


For more information about On Top Promotions and their May event – please connect to their Facebook page HERE

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