Justin Burlinson “I am ready for this big opportunity”

Combat Vision MMA were lucky enough to speak to The Dungeon MMA fighter Justin Burlinson after it was announced he would be fighting George Smith for the FSC European Middleweight championship at FightStar Championship 10 on Saturday 20th May. Justin is ranked number one in the UK/Ireland amateur middleweights.

Combat Vision MMA asked Justin about the fight being announced, his opponent and challenging for his fourth amateur title.

“I am really happy. This big opportunity to fight for a European belt against a good opponent. I haven’t really seen much of him. But, he looks like a good all rounder and I am looking forward to a good technical fight against him, showing my skills and improvements. I am feeling very confident as always, because I have been fighting so regularly. I don’t really think about belts or what style of opponents I am fighting, as one week I am competing in MMA, the next I am competing in K1 or Jiu Jitsu. I just focus on getting better as a martial artist, under my head coach Aaron Naisbett. Later in 2017, I will be looking to turn pro and start working my way up the ranks”

Combat Vision MMA asked Justin about his current amateur record, where he has won nine of his fifteen fights inside the first round.

“In my fights I never look for the finish, I just keep a clear mind and let my training take over and just go with the flow in the moment”

For more information about FightStar Championship – please connect to their Facebook HERE

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