Richard Dickson “I cant wait to show everyone – why I am one of the best flyweight amateurs in the UK”

Combat Vision MMA spoke to Griphouse fighter Richard Dickson after it was confirmed by Headhunters Fighting Championship, that Richard would be competing for his first amateur title in a rematch against Kam Cheng. Richard lost the first fight by way of split decision over three rounds.

Combat Vision MMA asked Richard how he felt about the fight being announced, fighting for his first amateur title and what he learned from the loss against Kam Cheng that would enable him to bounce back quickly in their June fight.

“I’m very happy that the fight has now been confirmed. Although, it was agreed verbally after the fight, for a few weeks, Kam didn’t want this fight and was looking elsewhere. I am excited to be fighting for my first amateur title. But, at the end of the day, opponent/money/title don’t motivate me hugely, I’m constantly motivated by the drive to be the best I can be. I am always confident, all I want is a sell out show so people can witness me at my best. I learned from losing, that I maybe need to cut weight smarter, even if myself and 99% of the people who have watched the fight knew the decision was mine. I need to push for the finish always. I am young and have a lengthy pro career in my future”

“I do not plan on losing again in my career, pro or amateur. I’m very excited to get back in the cage and show everyone present, why I am one of the best flyweight amateurs in the United Kingdom”

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For more information about Headhunters Fighting Championship – please connect to their facebook HERE

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