Jason Knight “I was just a bad kid who loved to fight”

Image: MMA Junkie        

Combat Vision MMA were lucky enough to conduct a Q&A interview UFC featherweight Jason “The Kid” Knight ahead of his fight at UFC 211 against Chas Skelly. Jason’s last fight was a second round submission of Alex Caceres at UFC on Fox 23 and was awarded performance of the night.                

Thank you for speaking to Combat Vision MMA, Jason. Can you tell our readers about your journey in becoming a professional MMA fighter?

“I started fighting at age 14. I was just a bad kid who loved to fight. I had a friend who got me into training MMA in my backyard, he found a place called the “fight club” where I could fight and I started fighting at the fight club at 14. After my first amateur fight, I never looked back. Around 16, I signed up to Alan Belcher MMA and they transformed me into the fighter I am today”

Your submission victory against Alex Caceres won submission of the year 2017 as well as performance of the night. How happy were you with your performance on the night and was there anything you felt needed to be worked on?

I was 100% happy about my fight with Alex. I look at that fight, like all the others, regardless of how I performed and I know I need to keep improving every aspect of my game”

The fight against Caceres was shrouded in sadness as it was the anniversary of your father’s passing. How did you manage to mentally focus on the task at hand from the ring walk to getting inside the octagon?

The anniversary of my dad’s death was motivation for me. It was as if I was fighting for my daddy, it was the night before his birthday”

You are fighting Chas Skelly at UFC 211. Both yourself and Chas have a lot of positive momentum heading into this fight. What do you think of Chas’s fighting style and is there anything in his fight game that you will be looking to exploit?

I think Chas Skelly is a very tough opponent and will be hard to beat. But, I believe if I can keep the fight standing, I will dominate him on the feet”

Yourself and Chas have documented submission victories in your fight careers. How does your ground game differ from Chas and do you believe this is where the fight will be contested?

I think our submission games are very evenly matched. We will both be just as good at defense and attack on the ground as the other. But, I believe I can stop his takedowns and dominate the stand up”

You have been training at Alan Belcher MMA club and Phuket Top Team. What will your training camp consist of for UFC 211 and is there anything you are individually working on in preparation for the fight?

This fight, is no different than any other fight in my eyes. I am working on everything he could possibly throw at me and bettering every aspect of my fight game. I am constantly evolving!”

You have fought four times in the UFC and your only loss was against Tatsuya Kawajiri at the Ultimate Fighter 22 finale by way of unanimous decision. How much has your fight game evolved since this fight and what did you learn from this experience about yourself as a fighter to motivate you to come back stronger?

Since my first UFC fight I have worked much harder on evolving and staying in shape at all times. I hadn’t been in the gym very much for that fight and I wasn’t prepared to fight on two weeks notice. But, I will never turn a fight down and I will always stay ready”

Lastly, what should fans expect to see from Jason “The Kid” Knight in 2017?

“In 2017 fans will see greatness from Jason “The Kid” Knight as they will from every year that I am with the UFC. I will be trying to stay as busy as possible and hopefully fight all 4 fights of my new contract”

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