Ross McCorriston “The Clan Wars featherweight title is going one place”

Clan Wars MMA released their first championship fight for their June 4th event. The fight will be for the Clan Wars featherweight title between Alex Budoiu and Ross McCorriston.

Combat Vision MMA were lucky enough to speak to Ross McCorriston and asked him about the fight being announced and if he will approach the fight differently, the second time around to make the score between him and Alex 2-0. Ross commented:

“To be honest i wasn’t surprised. Paul McLaughlin has been in the fight game a long time now and he knows a good fight when he sees one. Along with the last time we fought (Kumite MMA fight night 3 march 2016), that bout speaks for itself”

“To be honest my training has been totally changed up. I no longer work. I train full time, two sessions plus a day. I am getting the best quality training as ever up in Next Generation I.M.M.A. There is no one I would rather have to put it all together for me than Mr Moore & and our boxing coach Derek Morrison. Along with this, I also train in Gracie Barra Belfast and I am already on a steam train getting ready for the BJJ British open. To go with this, I am working my boxing with coach Doot (Donard McMally) I have found the extra boxing and movement very beneficial. But, if I’m honest I think the biggest game changer for this fight will be my fitness. The last time we fought, if I had a bit more in me, I would have finished the fight. I now have a strength & conditioning coach Mark Rainey (Academy one, Belfast) who is really putting me through it and teaching me how to get in shape.  I am really looking forward to getting down to the hard work and seeing the results”

“I am looking forward to June 4th, it will be a good day for me and my team. It is going to be a hard fight. But, that belt is going one place”

For more information about Clan Wars MMA and their June event – please connect to their facebook page HERE

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