Daniel Olejniczak “Whatever he brings to the cage, I will be ready and have an answer for it”

Following an exclusive release by severemma.com (article located here) it revealed a welterweight fight between Daniel “Obi Wan” Olejniczak and Richard Kiely is scheduled to take place at BAMMA 30 in Dublin, Ireland.

Combat Vision MMA were lucky enough to speak to IFS fighter Daniel Olejniczak and coach Paul McLaughlin after the announcement was made.

Daniel had the following to say about the fight being announced and his expected outcome:

“I’m really looking forward to facing Richard Kiely on BAMMA 30 in Dublin. I think it’s gonna be a really good fight and people in the 3 Arena will love every minute of it. I’m well aware of his kickboxing background. Whatever he brings to the cage I’ll be ready for it and I am gonna have answer to it . It is exciting to fight a guy from Dublin in his hometown. I’m hoping to bring good support from Belfast and give them all a fight worth traveling for and following me all the way to Dublin. July the 7th, I’ll be victorious. Thank you Combat Vision MMA for your time”

When Combat Vision MMA spoke to IFS coach Paul McLaughlin, I asked what his thoughts on the fight being announced and how stylistically difficult will Daniel be for Richard come fight night:

“The fight announcement isn’t a big surprise, we have known for a while. Kiely was a name proposed to fight Oktawian in Belfast on BAMMA which we agreed too. But, for whatever reason it came back and that it wouldn’t happen, after being offered it. However, we are more than happy to do it in Dublin. We all know shit happens in the fight game and fighter opponents change all the time so it’s better to focus on the control variables which is what we are doing. Oktawian Olejniczak had 3 fighter changes in his last run up to the BAMMA Belfast card. So until that cage door shuts, you don’t know who your opponent is going to be”

“Stylistically? – Oktawian is a cerebral fighter, he will change and adapt to what he has to do on the night. I personally believe Oktawian has the tools to finish Kiely. We train to be the best we can be within ourselves, it doesn’t matter who the opposition is. Oktawian will go out there, test his skills with another high level competitor and leave it all in the cage. That’s one thing I can guarantee”

“As a coach you can’t ask for anymore than that”

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