Stelios Theo “I am gonna make people know who I am”

Combat Vision MMA were lucky enough to speak to London Fight Factory and Double K Muay Thai fighter Stelios Theo as he heads into his amateur welterweight eliminator fight against Mickael Bucher at Killacam Fight Night 11. The winner of the contest will get a shot at the amateur welterweight title. With so much at stake, these fighters will leave it all in the cage.

Combat Vision MMA asked Stelios about his upcoming fight and his thoughts on his opponent: “My fight isn't actually for the title, it's for the next shot at it in October, so whoever wins gets the shot. As for my opponent, I don't really know much about him, he has had four fights and has a 2-2 record. I only watched his first fight from 2014 where he got submitted and he didn't look like much. But, it's been a long time since then and he's had a few more fights and won a couple. So I expect him to be much better”

Combat Vision MMA asked Stelios about his training camp and how confident he is on either getting a decision or a finish against Beucher: To be honest the fight was booked only last week. But, I was already training hard waiting for any sort of opportunity to fight, I'm the sort of fighter that trains all year around and might take a few days off after every fight and then I'm back in working very hard. I know I can finish him anywhere if the opportunity is there. But, I'm ready for a war I always prefer finishing the fight standing. There's much more pleasure for me if I get a KO than a submission, if I land clean he is sure to go down”

Combat Vision MMA asked Stelios what his plans were after the fight: “After this fight, I just want to stay busy and keep fighting every couple of months, if I'm injury free. The next step would be to keep fighting, winning and come for that belt in October. I am in no rush to fight as a pro, I want more experience as a semi pro, where mistakes can be afforded to be made. I will be coming back better and hungrier every time and I promise, that I'm gonna make people know who I am”

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