Calum Murrie “I just aim to keep busy, keep winning and see where the journey takes me”

Combat Vision MMA conducted a Q&A interview with Higher Level MMA fighter Calum Murrie as he prepares for his featherweight title fight against Luke Ord at Made4TheCage: Throwdown on Saturday May 27th 2017. Calum turned professional in 2016 and his record is 2-0 with his last victory against Robert Nystrom by way of first round submission at OnTop: Weekender.

Thank you for speaking to Combat Vision MMA, Calum. Can you tell our readers about your journey in becoming a professional MMA fighter?

I started martial arts in 2008. I started with Taekwondo just to keep myself out of trouble and to learn how to handle myself. But, ever since I have been hooked on learning MMA”

Your Mixed Martial Arts career started back in 2012 at amateur level and now heading into your third professional fight in May 2017. In the time span of seven years, you have not been defeated. How do you mentally focus before each fight to isolate the idea of a defeat occurring?

I had my first mma fight in 2010 which I lost by a close decision. I have actually been beaten 3 times. Although, it doesn’t show on tapology for some reason. Last time I was beaten was 3 and a half years ago now and I changed gyms to Higher Level MMA. Since being there, I have had 10 fights and won them all so I’m on a good run and don’t intend on it stopping next month”

You are fighting Luke Ord at Made 4 the Cage 24 for the featherweight title. How did the conversation come about to fight on the card and for a title?

I was offered this fight the end of last year. But, I had just came off back to back wins in a matter of 3 weeks and had too much on at work on the run up to christmas. I got offered it again a couple months back. But, I was matched for a show the previous weekend which the opponent ended up pulling out on me. So this time, it’s perfect and I will be ready.

How much do you know about Luke Ord’s style of fighting and is there anything you will be looking to exploit on fight night?

“I have watched his fights, he fought my team mate Alex aswell in a fight that Alex was winning quite comfortably, until getting caught with an unorthodox submission. Luke is a good fighter, well rounded and doesn’t seem to have weaknesses anywhere. Although, I just think I am better”

In your first two professional fights, you have won by submission. Luke has three professional wins by way of submission. If one of you decide to engage on the ground, how confident are you in your ground game?

I am confident in my ground game. I won 9 amateur fights by submission and my first 2 pro fights by submission. I am a brown belt in 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu and a purple belt in Gi Jiu Jitsu so I have plenty experience.

This will be your first professional title fight. However, you have had experience of title fights before – three at amateur level. Do those experiences give you a cutting edge heading into the fight with Luke. As you know how to deal with the pressure and how to prepare accordingly for the challenge ahead?

To be honest I treat a title fight the same as I treat any fight. It’s not because there’s a title on the line I’m gonna try harder to win. I try my hardest to win, no matter what the fight is and the title at the end is a bonus!”

What will the training camp consist of for this fight and are there any specific individual goals you set for yourself?

Training will just be the usual for any fight. Going over a game plan in the gym with the coach James Doolan, lots of sparring and sharpening up the tools that are already there. Making sure I’m at my best for the fight and ready to go toe to toe. I don’t really aim for goals, I just aim to keep busy, keep winning and see where the journey takes me”

Lastly, what does 2017 have in store for Calum Murrie?

Hopefully, another 3 fights after this one. I would like to finish the year off being M4TC champion, add another few wins and hopefully get the chance to compete on some big shows”

To find out more information about Higher Level Martial Arts – please check out their facebook HERE

To find out more information about Made4TheCage – please check out their facebook HERE

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