Clan Wars announce next show date and new venue style

Combat Vision MMA were lucky enough to be given a very important announcement regarding the next Clan Wars event.

Clan Wars are pleased to announce they have a show agreement in place for their next event. The show will be hosted at the Girdwood centre in North Belfast. The Girdwood Centre is a new facility close to the gym of Clan Wars promoter Paul McLaughlin. The targeted date for the event will either be Saturday 3rd June or Sunday 4th June and a confirmed date will be announced over the next coming days.

Clan Wars are also trying out a new venue style at the Girdwood centre. To get the fans closer to the action, Clan Wars are introducing brand new stadium style tiered seating (mock picture below) combining the seating with a full lighting rig and sound system the atmosphere at the event will be both intense and electrifying.

Clan Wars promoter Paul McLaughlin spoke directly to Combat Vision MMA about this announcement: “We are always open to new ideas and when we were offered to check out the Girdwood centre, we seen potential and thought, yes! This is somewhere we can transform into an awesome MMA arena”

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